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Qualify and Work as a

Teacher Aide (TA)

School Based Education Support (Cert III)

CHC30221 – Cert III in School Based Education Support (Teacher Aide) 

Qualify and work as a Teacher Aide (TA), it is the best time to be trained. With more than 50,000 TA job openings in Australian schools in the next 5 years.

Industry Information

Course Structure

Course Units of Competency

Work Placements

Course Requirements

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Teacher Aides

Industry Information

Teacher Aides have become an integral part of the typical Australian classroom

Studies have shown that Teacher Aides (TAs) are having incredible positive effect in the classroom and making a real difference in the Australian school community. Classroom teachers are saying that TAs help to reduce stress, workload and disruption in class. Qualifying as a TAs, mums are return to work in three different areas of employment in schools; as a teacher aide where they working directly with students supporting their learning, in office administration roles and in other school roles such as sickbay duties.

Course Structure

  • Course designed to train Multi-skilled Teacher Aides to work in classroom, school office or sick bay.

  • Comprises 17 Units of Competencies to be completed in 24 weeks (face to face learning).

  • Class attendance requires once a week of theory (9.30am – 2pm).

  • No classes during school holidays.

  • Complete homework via Eastern College’s online learning portal.

  • Our trainer can support you through study and homework tips.

  • Requires Level 2 in First Aid (not needed if you have a valid First Aid certificate).

  • Mums learning and supporting each other in a familiar location, this course gives fantastic support to Mums returning to work after many years.


Units of Competency


CHCEDS033 (CORE) - 35 Hours

Meet legal and ethical obligations in an education support environment


CHCEDS037 (CORE) - 60 Hours

Support the development of numeracy skills.

CHCEDS057 (CORE) - 85 Hours

Support students with additional needs in the classroom

CHCEDS036 (CORE) - 55 Hours

Support the development of literacy and oral language skills.

CHCEDS034 (CORE) - 70 Hours

Contribute to the planning and implementation of educational programs.

CHCEDS035 (CORE) - 60 Hours

Contribute to student education in all developmental domains.

CHCEDS060 (CORE) - 50 Hours

Work effectively with students and colleagues.

CHCDIV001 (CORE) - 40 Hours

Work with diverse people.

CHCEDS059 (CORE) - 30 Hours

Contribute to the health, safety and wellbeing of students.

CHCEDS061 (CORE) - 45 Hours

Support responsible student behaviour.

CHCDIV001 (CORE) - 40 Hours

Work with diverse people.

CHCEDS056 (CORE) - 50 Hours

Provide support to students with autism spectrum disorder.

CHCECE054 (ELECTIVE) - 55 Hours

Encourage understanding of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultures


CHCECE031 (ELECTIVE) - 30 Hours

Support children’s health, safety and wellbeing

CHCPRT001 (ELECTIVE) - 40 Hours

Identify and respond to children and young people at risk

HLTWHS001 (ELECTIVE) - 20 Hours

Participate in Workplace Health & Safety


Provide First Aid in an education and care setting


Work Placement

100 hours of placement, once a week for approximately 17 weeks.

This is unpaid work placement.

A roster is usually available 1-2 months into the course.

Supported by an allocated teacher within a classroom as well as your course trainer.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

LLN Requirement

An applicant for this course will be deemed to have sufficient LLN proficiency if they can demonstrate the following minimum ACSF levels:

Level 2 in Learning, Reading, Writing, Oral Communication, and Numeracy.

Initial pre-training assessment will be conducted by reviewing the prospective student’s qualifications, on-line application and/or written application form.

As a general guide the following will meet the minimum requirements:

  • The applicant was born in a country where the official language is English and they have completed at least one year of a senior secondary qualification or at least one year of full-time study at a minimum AQF level 2 (or equivalent).
  • They were not born in in a country where the official language is English, but have completed at least one year of a senior secondary study or at least one year of full-time study at a minimum AQF level 2 (or equivalent) in which the qualification was undertaken in English.

Further pre-training assessment shall be conducted during the mandatory face-to-face interview. Where pre-training assessment suggests ACSF levels are below the recommended level the prospective student may be directed to complete a foundation skills course (at their expense) prior to acceptance into the course.

COVID19 Update

Important Announcement

As schools in Melbourne gradually return to a post COVID19 normal, TAmums continue to take advise from the government and education authorities on the safety, wellbeing and guidance for our students taking the courses and doing their placements in schools. Happy to share that we are commencing classes again in Berwick Lodge Primary School in July 2022.

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