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PAUSE for 30 to 45 secs and allow for Think Time (TT)

Utilise Think-Time “TT” technique for optimum cognitive processing for children with additional learning needs. Introduce a time lapse (pause) for cognitive processing when communicating or assigning tasks.

Cognitive process involve skills of knowing, remembering, understanding, thinking and communicating to make new learning possible and perform mental task. 

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A time lapse in allowing a student with additional learning needs to formulate a response. Think Time (TT) from 30 to 45 seconds allows the student to optimize their cognitive processing making connecting to their learnings and perform the task.

7 core cognitive skills that the brain uses: 

1. Attention

2. Working Memory

3. Logic & Reasoning

4. Auditory Processing

5. Visual Processing

6. Long Term Memory

7. Processing Speed


Benefits of Think Time (TT)

* Reduces anxiety

* Reduces processing demands

* Allow extended time for processing

* Increases accuracy of responses

* Positive self-esteem

* Increase cooperativeness

* Increases understanding

* Longer duration for on-task behaviour

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